5 Things You Should Never do in a Job Interview New

5 Things You Should Never do in a Job Interview

Congratulations! you have just gotten called in for a job interview. You now need to know the simple ways to candidates make a bad impression during an interview. There are a few things that most Human Resource professionals agree are “pet peeves” guaranteed to ensure you do NOT get the job.

1. Ask, 'What Does Your Company Do?'

Candidates must do their homework and be prepared for an interview. The fastest way to “fail” at a job interview is to as “what does your company do”
What Do You Need to Know About a Company Before Your Job Interview

2. Bring the Family

We understand the need for support and encouragement when going through the job interview process. At the same time, brining this support to the interview with you, is a definite no-no. Spouses, friends and even children, should not accompany you to the interview.

3. Use Your Cellphone during the Interview

Human Resource Managers are reporting that more and more job candidates are using their cellphones during interviews. What many candidates do not realize is that doing this gives the impression that they are unfocused and easily distracted. The best advice here is to turn off your phone (not put it on silent or vibrate) as soon as you are about to enter the building for the interview.

Managers often ask secretaries and other staff members candidates encounter before the interview their impression of them. It is very important that candidates make the best impression fro the moment they enter the building to the moment they leave.

4. Don't Smile. Or Laugh Too Much. Or Cry

Smiling and engaging the interviewer are important in an interview, but going overboard with constant laughter or continuing to smile while being asked serious questions may cause an employer to not take you seriously or make it seem that the candidate is trying too hard to be liked.

Crying, is also a negative; Interviewers understand that candidates may be grateful for the opportunity, or even nervous given the situation, especially given how difficult is it to find jobs in this economy, but at the same time, recounting tales of hardship that will move you to tears or being unable to answer a question because of nerves will give them the impression that you are unable to cope under pressure.

Excessive smiling, laughter or crying may just cost a candidate the job.

5. Bring food or Drinks to the interview

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how often it happens. Interviewees who are scheduled within the common 12-2 lunch hour, tend to be guilty of this. Eating in the waiting room of lobby may present a bad first impression and make a job candidate memorable in the wrong way. Chewing gum or eating sweets during the interview should also be avoided.

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