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There are currently a number of sites that offer certification and Diploma courses for FREE.

Here are some of the courses Career Jamaica recommends for job seekers to improve their marketability in the competitive job market. 

Use the links to see course info and to apply to earn a certificate and boost your marketability today:

  1. Diploma in Information Technology Management
  2. Fundamentals of Project Management
  3. Developing Quality Customer Service Skills
  4. Introduction to Managing Employees
  5. Diploma in Social Media Strategy 

This huge email mistake is preventing you from getting hired

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.? What does your E-mail Address Say to a Potential Employer About You?

Your E-Mail address matters. 


Using the wrong email address when applying for a job could hurt your chances


Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Top Resume Mistakes

It is extremely easy to make a mistake on your resume. There is no way to repair the damage that is done once an employer gets it. Preventing these mistakes is the key to landing a job interview and making the best first impression to potential employers. Here are the top resume mistakes employers continue to report: Here are the top resume mistakes and ways to avoid them:

1. Typos and Grammatical Errors


What You Need to Know about a Company Before a Job Interview

What You Need to Know about a Company Before a Job Interview

Before heading to job interview, it is extremely important that candidates know as much information as possible about the Company/ Organization. Getting this information is fairly simple, and it's a good idea to memorize a few key points to bring up during the interview. Human Resource Managers are impressed by interviewees who are well-informed about the company.


Resume Checkist

Resume Checkist

Did you know that a resume will only get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening?

If you don't make a good impression within those 15 seconds, it's straight to the "no pile". Before sending off a resume to an employer, be sure that ALL your answers are YES to the following questions: 


5 Things You Should Never do in a Job Interview New

5 Things You Should Never do in a Job Interview

Congratulations! you have just gotten called in for a job interview. You now need to know the simple ways to candidates make a bad impression during an interview. There are a few things that most Human Resource professionals agree are “pet peeves” guaranteed to ensure you do NOT get the job.


10 tips for an Excellent Résumé New

10 tips for an Excellent Résumé

1. Résumé length

You may have heard that your résumé should fit on one page. This is nonsense. Recruiter or hiring managers don’t care if your résumé is one or two pages long. But they do care whether it is easy to read and gives key information upfront. Your résumé can be one, two, or (occasionally) even three pages. The only rule is that the length should be appropriate for you. If in doubt follow the (very general) rule of thumb that less than 5 years experience probably only requires one page and more than that may need two.


10 Rules to follow when Writing a Cover Letter

What is a Cover Letter?
A cover letter is an introduction, a sales pitch, and a ­proposal for further action all in one. It gives the reader a taste of what’s to come–not by simply summarizing the resume, but by highlighting the aspects of your background that will be most relevant to the position. A cover letter also demonstrates that you can organize your thoughts and express yourself clearly and appropriately; in other words, it reflects your ­communication skills and, to some extent, your personality.
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