Job Information Information Systems Manager (MIS/IT 6) Company Information
Contact Name Office of the Services Commission
Contact Email
Job Information
Job Type Full-time
Department Executive Agency
Category Computer/IT
Posted 09-08-2022
Job Status
Start Publishing 09-08-2022
Stop Publishing 19-08-2022
Applications are invited to fill the following vacant posts in the Human Resources Branch, Office of the Information Commissioner: Information Systems Manager (MIS/IT 6), salary range $2,138,484 – $2,541,986 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.
Job Purpose
Ensure the management and optimization of IT Systems, Technologies and Telecommunications and their suitability to the present and future needs of the OIC Organization.
Key Responsibilities
  • Defines and guarantees the implementation of the strategy of development of ICTs (infrastructure, hardware and software), promoting the incorporation of new tools that respond to the needs of the OIC’s activity and the need for continuous improvement;
  • Oversees and manages support infrastructures (communications network, computers, software, hardware), ensuring their operation, management and updating;
  • Ensures the technical execution and co-ordination of tasks of operation, maintenance and administration of the different components of the computer system, including networks, databases and applications, guaranteeing their quality and their permanent monitoring;
  • Oversees and manages necessary computer system security mechanisms, ensuring the privacy and integrity of the various components of the Computer and Communications Systems and the information contained in the centralized computer files or circulating in the local and shared networks;
  • Proposes solutions for the evolution of the technological support infrastructure of the Communication Network Systems and make proposals for the acquisition of the application systems and the equipment necessary to support the activities;
  • Guarantees the correct management of the computer resources (software and hardware), elaborating and keep updating the Register of the information systems components;
  • Resolves requests for support sent by organic Units;
  • Evaluates impact and requirements of IT assets as it relates to requests for recommendations on approval decisions;
  • Provides recommendations on access authorisations for all users of the network;
  • Develops and monitors the implementation of the OIC’s SIS Plan;
  • Prepares and manages the Unit’s Annual Budget and makes adjustments where necessary, to avoid overruns or under-utilization;
  • Manages the ICT resources of the OIC to ensure optimal utilization, cost efficiency and value-added;
  • Liaises with the relevant Units/Division to co-ordinate the procurement of IT equipment and related products;
  • Keeps abreast of IT trends and developments and recommends their adoption/application where appropriate to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the OIC;
  • Develops and implements technical standards for the design, development, and maintenance of software, applications and information systems and ensures standardization of software, operating systems and networking environment;
  • Develops and implements programme, including a Security and Disaster Recovery Plan, for the physical and electronic security of the OIC’s equipment, software and data;
  • Develops and implements policies to guide the access, authorisations and utilization of information systems such as e-mail, internet, intranet and other relevant systems; 
  • Ensures the OIC is fully compliant with copyright requirements for all software;
  • Establishes and oversees the implementation of an IT Help Desk to ensure timely response to end-users problems minimizing downtime and disruption in work;
  • Works in collaboration with systems analysts, programmers, and machine operators etc. to develop procedures, computer programmes and data files for the Ministry;
  • Collaborates with suppliers of hardware and software to be provided for use at the OIC;
  • Attends meetings and events, as requested by the OIC;
  • Assists in the implementation of ICT related projects;
  • Co-ordinates all technical arrangements in support of all ICT functions carried out by the Unit;
  • Manages the allocation of resources (computers and related equipment) to effectively satisfy the information processing requirements of the OIC;
  • Assists with training and development of staff in the ICT Division and the OIC as required.
  • Manages all computer systems and network resources;
  • Assists with creating and implementing the SIS Plan of the OIC;
  • Assists in the process of ensuring Government of Jamaica (GOJ) compliance with software licencing requirements.
  • Technical/Professional:
  • Makes appropriate recommendations to the Information Commissioner, through the Deputy Commissioner for cost effective technical solutions/services for enhancing and maintaining the network with appropriate budgetary requirements;
  • Documents and updates the OIC’s IT architecture and infrastructure;
  • Conducts network and other infrastructure audits as necessary;
  • Sets up technology and other media at meetings/events organized by the OIC or in which the OIC participate;
  • Prepares and submits recommendations to the OIC’s Procurement Committee for the procurement of hardware and software;
  • Collaborates with the Deputy Information Commissioner to ensure that the OIC’s Website is functional, innovative, modern and interactive and aptly depicts the OIC’s Portfolio areas;
  • Collaborates with the HR Branch to ensure timely implementation of IT resources for staff, as required;
  • Plans and implements IT training programmes to improve IT competence of all OIC personnel;
  • Monitors and evaluates new and existing information systems to ensure that the objectives and benefits are realized;
  • Designs, develops, implements and maintains applications as required to meet the needs of the OIC;
  • Ensures the maintenance of systems users/groups access control lists and monitors fault tolerance requirements of network communications equipment to ensure maximum uptime;
  • Assists with the provision of end-user support and troubleshooting;
  • Maintains a log of malfunctions of the system, response time, support service and resulting downtime;
  • Directs arrangements for back-up and processing facilities and ensures that alternative processing is in place in the event of system failure.
  • Human Resource Management:
  • Manages the welfare and development of staff in the Unit through the preparation of Performance Appraisals and recommendations for required training and development programmes;
  • Provides leadership to staff through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication;
  • Provides guidance to staff through coaching, mentoring and training, as well as assistance and support as needed;
  • Ensures that training and other needs of employees are adequately identified and addressed;
  • Ensures that staff is aware of and adhere to the policies, procedures and regulations of the Unit, the Ministry and the GOJ;
  • Participates in the recruitment of employees for the Unit;
  • Recommends Vacation Leave for staff in the Unit in keeping with established Human Resource policies;
  • Recommends/administers disciplinary action in keeping with established Human Resource policies;
  • Attends Senior Management Meetings, as required;
  • Facilitates Senior Management oversight by submitting progress reports on work-related activities and other assigned projects;
  • Performs any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time. 
Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Customer and quality focus
  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Compliance
  • Integrity
  • Change Management
  • Functional:
  • Ability to use own initiative
  • Use of technology (relevant computer applications such as Microsoft Office suite
  • Managing external relationships
  • Strategic vision
  • Good problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • People Management
  • Leadership
  • Goal/result oriented
  • Good planning and organizing skills
Technical Skills
  • Excellent knowledge of network infrastructure
  • Excellent knowledge of Network Operating Systems
  • Very good grasp of standard PC repair techniques
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Management
  • Good negotiating and persuading skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the maintenance of computer equipment
  • Ability to supervise efficiently and prioritize the processing of data, tasks and activities
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business or technical discipline;
  • Five (5) years relevant experience;
  • Training in Supervisory Management.
Special Conditions Associated with the Job
  • May be required to examine cables in a dusty or elevated environment;
  • May be required to lift and physically transport computer equipment from time to time;
  • May be required to work under adverse conditions from time to time;
  • May be required to work beyond regular working hours.
Applications accompanied by résumés should be submitted no later than Wednesday, 17th August, 2022 to:
Information Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner
PCJ Building
36 Trafalgar Road,
Kingston 10
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
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