Job Information Head Chaplain (GMG/SEG 3) Company Information
Contact Name Office of the Services Commission
Contact Email
Job Information
Job Type Full-time
Department Executive Agency
Category Social Work
Posted 23-11-2022
Job Status
Start Publishing 23-11-2022
Stop Publishing 01-12-2022
Applications are invited to fill the vacant post of Head Chaplain (GMG/SEG 3) in the Chaplaincy Section, Rehabilitation Probation Aftercare Division, Department of Correctional Services, salary range $2,551,250 $3,032,634 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.
Job Purpose
Under the general supervision of the Deputy Commissioner, Rehabilitation and Probation Aftercare Services, the Head Chaplain co-ordinates all the activities and operations of the Chaplaincy Unit. He/she plans, implements and evaluates programmes for the spiritual and psychosocial empowerment of staff, inmates, wards, their families, other clients and state holders and religious volunteers. Engages directly with assigned Institutions, Probation Offices, the Head Office, and the Search Centre as it relates to staff empowerment and the rehabilitations and reintegration strategies of the Department.
Key Responsibilities
  • Participates in the development of the Department’s Strategic and Operational Plans;
  • Prepares Operational Plan for the Unit;
  • Identifies and plans Unit programmes in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the Department of Correctional Services;
  • Assesses the effectiveness of Chaplains’ work in Institutions and implements measures for improvement;
  • Directs the administration and operations of the Chaplaincy Office and activities;
  • Convenes Monthly and Unit Staff Meetings;
  • Prepares Individual Work Plan;
  • Review Individual Work Plans for Chaplains;
  • Prepares reports Annually and Quarterly;
  • Screens Religious Groups for visits to the Institutions;
  • Recruits/selects orients and schedules Religious Volunteers for ministering to wards and inmates in the Juvenile and Adult Correctional Centres;
  • Participates in Meetings of Senior Management;
  • Convenes monthly Meetings and Annual Retreat.
  • Technical/Professional:
  • Appraises performance of Chaplains and Secretary;
  • Certifies claims for payment of upkeep, travelling and subsistence allowances of Chaplains;
  • Provides counselling for staff, inmates and wards, family members of staff, inmates, wards and/or clients as needs arise;
  • Provides pastoral care for members of staff, inmates and wards in relation to sickness, trauma/crisis grief and bereavement;
  • Conducts official funeral services and provides psychosocial and spiritual support to the families;
  • Designs and implements transformation development tools for inmates/wards;
  • Plans and implements seminars to enhance the spiritual and psychosocial wellbeing of staff in collaboration with the Training Unit;
  • Plans and executes religious services for the Department (e.g. Corrections Week Launching Services, Memorial Services);
  • Plans and co-ordinates Week of Prayer events;
  • Plans and implements training seminars for Religious Volunteers and monitors their engagement in ministering to the inmates and wards within the Department; 2
  • Represents the Department of Correctional Services at special events and Religious Conferences;
  • Liaises and works in collaboration with Custodial Head, Director Community Services, Director of Rehabilitation and Superintendents of Juvenile and Adult Correctional Instructions regarding issues and activities pertaining to staff and the rehabilitation of inmates and wards;
  • Develops and presents aspects of training modules for new Correctional Officers in training and new entrant Probation Aftercare Officers at Staff College in the areas of character development, ethical standards and spiritual formation for leadership.
Human Resource Management:
  • Provides leadership and guidance to staff through effecting planning, delegation, communication and monitoring;
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Department and recommends transfer, promotion, termination and leave in accordance with established Human Resource Policies and Procedures;
  • Ensures that the welfare and development needs of staff are clearly identified and address to ensure the maintenance of a cadre of highly motivated and productive employees;
  • Approves and recommends Vacation, Sick and Department Leave for staff.
  • Other:
  • Co-ordinates the placement and supervision of Practicum Students engaged in religious studies and counselling;
  • Performs any other related assigned duties not specifically outlined within the Job Description but are within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally expected from the person occupying this position from time to time.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • High level of integrity and confidentiality
  • Good interpersonal and people management skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Analytic decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Good leadership skills
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Possess counselling skills and knowledge in ethics and psychology
  • High spiritual, ethical and moral standard
  • Demonstrate ability to develop and maintain quality working relationship with individuals at all levels
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • Post Graduate Degree in Theology or related field;
  • At least Eight (8) years’ experience as a Minister of Religion;
  • Three (3) years’ experience as an Assistant Chaplain in a uniform service or force;
  • Training in Psychology, Pastoral Care and counselling, homiletics and ethics from an accredited educational institution.
Special Conditions Associated with the Job
  • Exposure to heightened security risk;
  • On call – to respond to crisis intervention on 24 hours, 7 days per week basis;
  • Work on weekends (funerals, volunteer seminars, observation of volunteers in institutions);
  • Need for clerical attire at official functions. 
Applications accompanied by résumés should be submitted no later than Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 to:
Senior Director,
Human Resource Management and Administration
Department of Correctional Services
5-7 King Street
Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
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