Job Information Director, Corporate Communication and Public Relations (MCG/IE 5) Company Information
Contact Name Office of the Services Commission
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Job Information
Job Type Full-time
Department Ministry of Justice
Category Media, PR & Communication
Posted 14-09-2022
Job Status
Start Publishing 14-09-2022
Stop Publishing 28-09-2022
Applications are invited to fill the following vacant post in the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Director, Corporate Communication and Public Relations (MCG/IE 5), Corporate Communication and Public Relations Unit, salary range $2,104,355 – $2,501,416 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.
Job Purpose
To develop and maintain a Corporate Communications Programme, to promote and enhance the public image and corporate identity of the Ministry, to promote healthy lifestyle and maintain a co-ordinated system of promotional publications. 
This position is also responsible for monitoring and analyzing public opinion on the Ministry as well as to administer the Ministry’s Internal Communications Programme.
Key Responsibilities
  • Plans and supervises the production of educational material;
  • Liaises with Head of Departments and Agencies to prepare stories and features for the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs’ Newsletter;
  • Disseminates information on the Ministry’s programmes and policies to both internal and external customers;
  • Prepares written reports on relevant issues and problems for the information of the Minister and the Permanent Secretary.
  • Management/Administrative:
  • Liaises with the Office of the Minister and Permanent Secretary to ensure adequate co-ordination of coverage of event, which they attend;
  • Liaises with the Jamaica Information Service and other Media Houses to ensure coverage of the Ministry’s activities;
  • Ensures print payment files are prepared and processed and followed up to ensure that clients are paid;
  • Formulates and implements internal and external communications, policies and strategies for the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, its Departments and Agencies, to include elements of Public/Media Relations, Promotion and Employee Communications;
  • Participates actively in task forces, committees and corporate activities to identify and help with the resolution of Organization wide concerns;
  • Co-ordinates and manages the Operational Plan and Budget for the Public Relations and Communication Unit;
  • Maintains expenses within established budgetary limits to help secure the Organization financial position;
  • Provides communication leadership, advice and support to all programmes undertaken by the Ministry and its Departments;
  • Manages the ongoing development of key communications tools including the Ministry’s Website. Functions as Chairperson for the Website Committee;
  • Develops and maintains networking relationships with appropriate associates and colleagues by participating in local and international Organizations to gain information useful to achieving divisional and corporate goals;
  • Participates in the quarterly and annual Performance Review to assess the achievements of the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs;
  • Prepares routine and special reports and submits to the Permanent Secretary on a timely basis.
External Communication:
  • Develops and maintains a Corporate Communications Programme that is consistent with the strategic direction of the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs;
  • Advises the Minister, as well as the Permanent Secretary of public relations opportunities and questions, recommends courses of action;
  • Provides presentation support including speech-writing and presentation on training;
  • Develops and maintains a working relationship with Jamaica Information Service and the Media and assists all Departments and Agencies of the Ministry in placing news, features and technical articles in the media;
  • Collaborates with Executive Management in the Ministry to devise strategies to increase the level of awareness on Justice issues and to change negative attitudes and behavior patterns;
  • Establishes linkage with NGOs and other community based organisations so that Legal and Constitutional Affairs promotion initiative reach all sectors of the society;
  • Identifies opportunities for the public presentation by technical and management staff on issues pertaining to Legal and Constitutional Affairs.
  • Co-ordinates all information emanating from the Ministry and serves as the primary spokesperson for the Ministry, especially in matters involving the media;
  • Oversees the planning and direction of special events and exhibitions as appropriate, to inform the Public Justice Issues and Programmes undertaken by the Ministry. Ensures that stakeholder concerns are considered;
  • Provides leadership and direction to the production and dissemination of Publications on Justice. Provides consultation to other Units and Departments regarding the use of technical consultants, photographers etc. 
  • Employee Communications:
  • Plans and evaluates a comprehensive Employee Communications Programme;
  • Uses a variety of methods including print, electronic and face-to face communication methods to communicate corporate vision, mission values goals and activities to employee and to communicate appropriate information about external influences;
  • Ensures that employees have access to a variety of methods to provide feedback to management on issues affecting them and the Ministry.
  • Uses communication programmes to encourage and support employees in community activities.
Human Resource:
  • Instructs and orients staff in the programmes and procedures as well as Unit’s Mission and goals to ensure compliance and delivery of quality service to internal and external customers;
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to organizational goals;
  • Develops staff line with organizational goals to deliver effective Legal and Constitutional Affairs promotion and communication service;
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of directs reports and conducts Performance Appraisals;
  • Manages the welfare and development of direct reports through the recommendation of required training and development programmes;
  • Provides leadership to staff through effective objective setting, delegation and communication;
  • Provides guidelines to staff through coaching, mentoring and training, providing assistance and support as needed;
  • Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Unit;
  • Ensures that staff is aware of and adhere to policies, procedures and regulation of the Division and the Ministry.
  • Keeps skills and practice up-to-date in line with best practice and professional standards;
  • Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the Permanent Secretary.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • Good knowledge of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (PMES).
  • Thorough knowledge, experience and familiarity with corporate/strategic planning.
  • Ability to establish mechanisms to ensure suitable performance improvement initiatives.
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent problem solving, decision-making and analytical thinking skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
Specific knowledge (however acquired) required to start:
  • Specialized knowledge in Public Relations and Communication
Qualifications and Experience
  • Master’s Degree in Mass Communications or Journalism plus,
  • Eight (8) years’ experience in Corporate Communication, Public Relations or the media, with at least four (4) years at the management level.
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Attend relevant training on emerging trends and practices within the field.
  • Network within the profession and relevant associations to keep abreast with the Industry.
Specific Conditions Associated with the Job
  • Typical working environment, no adverse working conditions;
  • Late nights and weekends; 
  • 24 hour call.
Applications accompanied by résumés should be submitted no later than Tuesday, 27th September, 2022 to:
Human Resource Management and Development
Ministry of Justice
61 Constant Spring Road,
Kingston 10
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
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