Online Résumé Warnings

 Online Résumé Warnings

Be careful when posting your résumé online - Here are the top reasons not to post your résumé on the web: newcvonline

1) Your current employer might see it and determine that you are not loyal. So, why should they be loyal to you? Some employers fire employees just for searching for jobs. Of course, they may not be that blunt. They might just pass you up for potential opportunities and promotions. 

2) Your information is not secure. There is no way to totally secure the information. Some sites claim they can keep your employer from seeing it. But what if your company has acquired or merged with another company that you don't know about? What if a corporate partner, subsidiary or division accesses your résumé and tells your company? No database can track this if the information is not entered into the database! 

3) You're posting personal & sensitive information for anybody in the world to see. Why would you want to give complete background information about yourself to anyone who wants to see it? 

4) Encouraging telemarketing and spam. People often put there phone number and email address on their résumé. This opens you up to receive spam and unwanted telemarketing calls. 

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5) Unwanted contact from recruiters or companies. Posting your résumé on the web opens you up to anybody who wants to call whether the job meets your description or not. You will likely receive calls about multi-level marketing, business opportunities, undesirable jobs, etc. We recommend that applicants control their search. This means researching companies carefully before sending a résumé. 

What can you do?  

1) Instead of posting your résumé for anyone to see, send résumés to companies you know and trust. 

2) Research each company thoroughly and apply when you feel the company meets your criteria. 

3) If you do post your résumé online, be sure that the site allows you to determine exactly who sees it. For instance, you might be able to give a company a password to see it. But, it would still be just as easy to send it to the company! Also, the companies may not take the time to login to see your résumé when they have 100 other résumés on their desks.



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