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Contact Name Office of the Services Commission
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Job Information
Job Type Full-time
Department Executive Agency
Category Accounting
Posted 25-01-2023
Job Status
Start Publishing 25-01-2023
Stop Publishing 07-02-2023
Applications are invited to fill the following vacant posts in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (MOFPS): Revenue Investigator (RMG/TA 7) – (5 posts) 2 in Kingston, 2 in Montego Bay and 1 in Mandeville, salary range $4,060,697 $5,461,186 per annum.
Job Purpose
To identify revenue breaches (actual and potential) and conduct criminal investigation and enforcement activities relating to tax fraud, general smuggling, evasion of customs duties and fraudulent declaration by importers, exporters and tax payers. This includes sensitive and highly complex investigations requiring strong forensic/accounting skills.
Key Responsibilities
  • Reviews and evaluates information obtained that indicates criminal tax evasion schemes and/or customs/tax offences by individuals or groups involved in illegal/legal activities;
  • Obtains additional information and evidence, internally or from other sources in support of alleged customs/tax offences;
  • Develops and cultivates appropriate contacts which are essential in obtaining leads and valuable information;
  • Analyzes, investigates, summarizes and verifies Financial Records;
  • Develops computerized models to be used in the presentation of financial evidence;
  • Co-ordinates activities with other experts;
  • Eliminates and/or identifies authors of questioned handwriting by comparing the elements of writing with known specimen including printing processes, visualization and sequencing of fraudulent alterations;
  • Participates in analysis and evaluation of business trends by using direct and indirect methods of verification and reviews business documents to detect potential fraud matters;
  • Identifies weaknesses in revenue laws and recommends appropriate amendments;
  • Conducts highly complex and sensitive cases;
  • Provides technical expertise in the conduct of joint investigations into tax fraud or acts of corruption;
  • Participates in searches as the (forensic/financial expert) with officers to obtain documents to serve as evidence in the prosecution of criminal cases in respect of tax fraud and related activities;
  • Ensures that all documentation (including evidence not yet handed over to the authorities) in respect of forensic evidence is properly maintained and in a secure environment;
  • Identifies sources of evidence;
  • Determines the legal basis for the activities after consultation with the Legal Officer;
  • Determines strategies to be utilized in the investigation process;
  • Conducts interviews with witnesses and suspects;
  • Obtains and executes search warrants in order to secure physical evidence;
  • Prepares letters, affidavits, memoranda and investigative reports for administrative purposes and for use in Court proceedings;
  • Arrests and charges suspects as necessary;
  • Liaises with Legal Officer to ensure evidence collected meets the standard of the Court;
  • Attends Court as an expert witness for the prosecution;
  • Participates, when required, in negotiations with the tax payers and/or their representatives to reach settlements on the basis of facts developed and applicable laws and regulations;
  • Makes recommendations for settlement consequent on infractions under the Revenue Laws;
  • Educates taxpayers about legislation, policies and procedures during investigations to promote compliance;
  • Responds to enquiries on investigations by individuals, businesses, law enforcement Agencies, and legal representatives;
  • Updates the Assistant Commissioner, on details of certain cases for possible public information;
  • Conducts secondary examinations on various ports of entry. 
  • Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • Expert knowledge of the Revenue Acts and Regulations
  • Expert knowledge of investigative policies, intelligence gathering and investigative techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles of management, administration, planning and resource utilization
  • Expert knowledge of civil statutes, and regulations, civil rights, concerning arrest, seizures, bribery, coercion, intimidation of officer of the law and all matters falling under the jurisdiction of tax administration
  • Working knowledge of relevant computer systems and applications
  • Excellent oral and written communication;
  • Good job knowledge
  • Integrity and ethics;
  • Excellent problem-solving and analysis skills
  • Sound judgment
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • BSc. Degree in Accounting or Level II (ACCA) or equivalent qualifications;
  • Advanced specialized training in Investigative techniques;
  • Three (3) years related work experience auditing and/or forensic accounting.
Special Conditions Associated with the Job
  • Irregular and unscheduled work hours (e.g. surveillance activities or special operations, outside of normal work hours);
  • Frequent travel islandwide;
  • Exposure to disagreeable and hostile conditions.
Applications accompanied by Résumés should be submitted no later than Monday, 6th February, 2023 to:
Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development
Ministry of Finance and Public Service
30 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
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