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Contact Name Office of the Services Commission
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Job Information
Job Type Full-time
Department Executive Agency
Category Accounting
Posted 25-01-2023
Job Status
Start Publishing 25-01-2023
Stop Publishing 07-02-2023
Applications are invited to fill the following vacant posts in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (MOFPS): Compliance and Accountability Officer (RMG/TA 7), salary range $4,060,697 $5,461,186 per annum.
Job Purpose
To conduct investigations/inspections of public offices including the implementation of policies/programmes for the purpose of ensuring that public funds and assets are being expended and utilized in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act, the Public Bodies Management (PMBA) Act and the wishes of Parliament.
Key Responsibilities
  • Technical:
  • Conducts investigations and inspections either individually or as a member of a team;
  • Makes interim report of findings, making recommendations as required, so that action may be taken prior to the submission of a formal report to safeguard the government, its property and reputation;
  • Analyses requests, complaints or allegations in relation to appropriate laws and regulations of the government;
  • Collects information through questioning of principals and witnesses, taking statements, securing related documents and other materials as well as performing extensive record searches and analysis;
  • Investigates/inspects all reports relating to the following: Incidence of fraud and irregularities
  • Incidence of losses and defalcations
  • Incidence of financial indiscipline
  • Waste and extravagance
  • Overpayment of public funds
  • Unauthorized expenditures
  • Breaches of the FAA Act and other laws
  • Late presentations of Financial Statements and accounts
  • Expenditure in excess of sums approved by parliament
  • Inadequacies in the management of properties and absence of control over furniture, motor vehicle equipment and machinery
  • Improper management of stores and supplies
  • Carelessness and neglect in the preparation of Accounting Records and general absence or unreliability of control procedures 
  • Prepares clear, concise and comprehensive reports of investigations utilizing all pertinent field notes and other data;
  • Testifies on behalf of the Government in criminal, civil and administrative hearings.
  • Determines if value for money has been achievable by: Examining the existing policies that safeguards and controls public property
  • Examining (MDAs) financial management and accounting for public money
  • Safeguarding and control over public property
  • Ensuring compliance with authority
  • Examining waste and extravagance
  • Examining the maintenance of inventories and other non-accounting records which are basic to the proper management of assets such as motor vehicles, equipment, lands and buildings
  • Determining whether or not there are appropriate procedures in place for measuring and reporting programme effectiveness
  • Determining whether or not officials issued with credit cards are authorized by the competent authorities and whether items/services purchased by the credit cards are in keeping with Government’s business or personal
  • Analyzing the pattern of credit cards purchases over time to determine evidence of waste/extravagance, if any
  • Undertakes variance analysis of expenditure against Budget and against prior period(s) analyzing causes for variances;
  • Undertakes analysis of expenditure with a view to determine potential sources of cost savings and efficiencies;
  • Recommends how future Budgets can reflect savings;
  • Examines methods of costing actual outputs compared with those estimated in the Corporate Plan;
  • Conducts investigations related to Public Sector capital projects and joint ventures;
  • Advises of the capacity and capabilities of any Public Sector Entity or project in undertaking large outlay of public funds;
  • Examines project documents prepared by Project Managers;
  • Undertakes complex and sensitive investigations including fieldwork such as visiting worksites to observe progress on capital projects and discussing related issues;
  • Investigates cases which show actual expenditures exceed budgeted expenditures;
  • Determines reasons for variances as appropriate and makes recommendations for corrective actions in the case of poor project management;
  • Conducts interim evaluation of projects;
  • Provides key stakeholders with adequate information which seeks to counteract corruption, extravagance and waste of Government’s resources;
  • Provides technical data, financial information and any analysis of such financial information which may be used in the development of policy guidelines;
  • Identifies high risk integrity areas that has the potential for corruption, extravagance and waste of Government’s resources and alert managers and employees to potential pitfalls;
  • Collaborates closely with key stakeholders so as to improve the rate of compliance and accountability;
Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
  • Expert knowledge of investigative policies, intelligence gathering and investigative techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Accounting principles and techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of judicial process and laws of evidence
  • Working knowledge of relevant computer systems and applications
  • Good job knowledge
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Sound judgment
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Initiative
  • Excellent Teamwork skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • B.Sc Degree in Accounting or equivalent qualification;
  • Advanced specialist training in Tax Fraud Investigation, Intelligence Gathering and Analysis;
  • Two (2) years related work experience. 
Special Conditions Associated with the Job
  • Irregular and unscheduled working hours;
  • Extended overtime to meet deadline due to large volume of work;
  • Exposure to personal threat and injury;
  • Field work, exposure to disagreeable and hazardous conditions.
Applications accompanied by Résumés should be submitted no later than Monday, 6th February, 2023 to:
Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development
Ministry of Finance and Public Service
30 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
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