Job Information Postal Crime Analyst (SOG/ST 5)
Job Type Full-time
Category Research
Job Status
Start Publishing 13-04-2021
Stop Publishing 24-04-2021

Applications are invited from suitably qualified officers in their Ministries/Departments/Agencies to be assigned to/fill the following post in the Post and Telecommunications Department: Postal Crime Analyst (SOG/ST 5)

Job Purpose

Under direction supervision of the Chief of Security the Crime Analyst performs a variety of
analytical duties related to crime and law enforcement statistics. The incumbent gathers,
collates, categorizes, and analyzes narrative and statistical data pertaining to past and current
criminal activity; prepares and disseminates reports and recommendations pertaining to existing
and anticipated criminal activity, threats and vulnerabilities, to authorized personnel in order to
increase the effectiveness of safeguarding the Postal System, the apprehension of suspects,
the recovery of public assets and in support of loss and crime prevention activities across the

The incumbent also provides technical assistance to the investigative process; provides
analysis and recommendations concerning the Security Unit’s functions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepares Individual Work Plan in collaboration with Supervisor;
  • Develops and maintains liaison with Local, Regional and International Law Enforcement
  • Agencies for the purpose of exchanging crime information and intelligence;
  • Reviews Security Audit and Investigation Reports and recommends the mitigation of security, risk and threat exposures identified;
  • Co-ordinates loss prevention assessments with Internal Audit, Personnel and other Units
    and Sections, where applicable;
  • Provides technical assistance to the investigative process; prepares, reviews and analyzes
  • Crime Statistics and Reports to identify, evaluate and provide crime patterns and suspect correlations, leads and profiles; compiles and provides a variety of information concerning stolen public revenue and other assets;
  • Assists in preparing Strategic Action Plans;
  • Prepares and delivers presentations on detailed crime information, graphics, bulletins and related materials for the Unit and/or Department;
  • Communicates with other staff, Units, Sections, Departments and allied and outside
  • Agencies to exchange information, co-ordinate activities and resolve issues or concerns; contacts Police Departments to request statistical crime information;
  • Provides training to Department personnel concerning the use of Crime Analysis Information and Reports;
  • Keeps abreast of the latest Case Management Software and associated technology, practices and Industry best practices by reading and attending workshops and seminars, locally and overseas.


  • Conducts extensive research and strategic crime analysis to identify crime patterns and trends; analyzes long term crime patterns and trends, using probability studies and complex statistical analyses such as random samplings and correlation;
  • Develops and implements reports using various analytical and business intelligence tools;
  • Develops and tests hypotheses; develops victim and suspect profiles (e.g. physical or vehicle description profiles); forecasts future criminal activity;
  • Assists Operations and Management personnel in planning the deployment of resources effectively and efficiently, for the identification, prevention and suppression of criminal activity by using charts and graphs;
  • Compiles and analyzes a variety of Investigative, Audit and Loss Prevention Reports and statistical data from a variety of sources related to crime and law enforcement statistics to support crime prevention activities and enhance the safeguarding and recovery of public revenue and other classes of assets by mapping crime trends and patterns and correlating a variety of crime related data; assists in the investigative process and provides analysis and recommendations concerning fiscal resource utilization, investigation planning, proposed security solution architecture, technology, human and technological deployment of resources, special operations, co-ordination of administrative services, project planning and budgeting so as to develop and enhance the security solutions within the Postal System;
  • Provides analysis and recommendations concerning a variety of Department functions, such as resource utilization, investigation planning and deployment, special operations and tactical deployment, Unit budgeting, programme planning and co-ordination of administrative services;
  • Receives, prioritizes and logs statistical analysis and reporting requests; establishes timelines for completion of Statistical Reports;
  • Provides assistance in the case clearance process and performs related comparisons;
  • Develops and maintains manual and automated systems for the storage and retrieval of crime data/information, readily;
  • Identifies anomalies in data and provides information on proposed solutions and impact.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

  • Knowledge of Security Mechanisms
  • Knowledge of Security Architecture
  • Knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health
  • Knowledge of UPU Security Standards and Post Office Act (1941)
  • Knowledge of Post Office Act (1941)
  • Knowledge of the Government’s/Department’s policies and procedures
  • Incident handling and analysis skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Risk Management skills
  • Customer and quality focus
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good planning and organizing skills
  • Good use of initiative
  • Good interpersonal and social skills

Minimum Required Qualification and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement,
  • Statistics, Behavioral and Social Sciences or Sociology or a closely related field;
  • Certification in the Principles and Practices of Statistical Research and Analysis;
  • Certification in Criminal Analysis and Intelligence Gathering;
  • Certification in Research Methodology;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in Crime/Intelligence Analysis or Law Enforcement
  • Investigative support activities earned in a Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement setting/Agency.

Special Conditions Associated with the Job

  • High risk environment;
  • Exposure to criminal activity;
  • May be required to work after regular working hours, weekends and public holidays.

Applications accompanied by résumés should be submitted no later than Friday April 23, 2021 to:
Director, Human Resource Management and Development
Post and Telecommunications Department
6-10 South Camp Road
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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