Job Information Chief Liaison Officer (Canada)
Job Type Full-time
Category Management
Job Status
Start Publishing 22-03-2021
Stop Publishing 10-04-2021

Chief Liaison Officer (Canada)

Job Purpose

The Chief Liaison Officer is responsible for planning organising, directing and controlling the operations of the Jamaica Liaison Service which provides welfare support to Jamaicans who have been dispatched to Canada for employment under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers and Low Skill programmes.

Key Outputs

  • Annual Operational and Strategic Plans/objectives and Budgets
  • Policies/ procedures and systems to guide organisational operations, manage staff performance, promote productivity, staff motivation and commitment to achieving organisational goals.
  • Strategies to expand into non-traditional sectors
  • On-going liaison/consultation with Provincial/Federal and other Canadian stakeholders to advance the interest of the programme
  • Effective negotiating of workers’ terms and conditions of employment
  • Regular reports, including financial statements, to update the Permanent Secretary and Management Committee on developments in the programme.
    Submissions, policy/position papers, briefs
  • Effective orientation programme for arriving workers
  • Effective monitoring of the employment relations between workers and employers and the implementation of systems/procedures to address related problems
  • Strategies/ mechanisms to ensure efficient management of workers medical issues/care follow-up care.
  • Coordination of farm visits and inspection of workers accommodation
  • Effective communication with the relevant personnel from the Ministry, employers’ associations, workmen’s compensation, safety organisations and other stakeholders.
  • Sound management of human resources in accordance with established policies.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the terms and conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding between Jamaica and Canada are adhered to in the administration of the programme
  • Developing the annual operational and strategic objectives of the organisation in keeping with Vision 2030 goals and presenting these to the
  • Management Committee of the programme.
  • Directing and coordinating the preparation and administration of the Annual Budget of the Jamaica Liaison Service in accordance with the regulatory guidelines ensuing that the required financial statements are forwarded to the Management Committee on a timely basis.
  • Developing and evaluating targets and achievements of the Strategic and Operational plans to determine progress and effects adjustments to align with current conditions.
  • Developing and instituting policies, procedures and systems which guide the operations of the JLS.
  • Establishing and reviewing performance management standards and appraisal systems to monitor and evaluate staff performance and providing leadership, direction and guidance through senior staff in the daily operations of the organisation.
  • Formulating strategies to grow the Seasonal Agricultural and Low Skill programmes and to expand into non-traditional sectors.
  • Liaising and consulting with Canadian Federal and Provincial Government agencies on issues concerning the regulation of the Seasonal
  • Agricultural Workers Programme and the Low Skill programme.
  • Participating in the negotiations of the terms and conditions of the annual employment contract with Canadian Government officials, Employer
  • Groups and other stakeholders.
  • Keeping the Management Committee of the Canadian programme and the Permanent Secretary abreast of developments /activities which may impact the programme through written reports so that necessary actions may be pursued.
  • Ensuring the implementation of an effective orientation programme for workers upon their arrival in Canada in order to assist them to settle in and adjust to the new environment.
  • Establishing systems to address domestic and work related problems which workers experience.
  • Directing and coordinating the conduct of visits to work sites to observe working conditions and worker performance.
  • Establishing procedures and schedules to ensure the conduct of necessary inspections of worker accommodation and collaborate with employers to ensure that required standards are met.
  • Establishing procedures to effectively monitor the employment situation to ensure that both employers and workers adhere to the terms and conditions and procedures established under the employment contract and where there is nonconformity provide the necessary guidance to address same.
  • Addressing disputes between employers and workers and promoting cooperation between both so as to encourage efficient and satisfactory work, discipline and good relations.
  • Directing and coordinating the necessary actions to ensure that workers receive proper medical attention in the event of a reported illness or injury and preparing relevant reports for the attention of the Canadian Programme Management Committee and the Permanent Secretary.
  • Preparing submissions, policy papers and briefs to support policy positions /changes in pursuit of organisational objectives.
  • Keeping abreast of specifications in employers approved job orders to ensure that workers receive entitlements on a timely basis.
  • Maintaining effective communication with Division Heads at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security regarding matters which affect the administration of the programme.
  • Managing the human resources functions of the JLS ensuring adherence to approved policies and procedures
  • Developing and implementing policies which will allow staff to perform efficiently and judiciously.
  • Engendering and maintaining a culture that fosters and promotes high performance and productivity, teamwork, employee empowerment motivation and commitment to achieving organisation goals.
  • Liaising with employers’ associations, workplace safety associations and other important stakeholders regarding issues which impact the operation of the programme and worker welfare.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Competences

  • Excellent oral, written communication and presentation skills
  • Organisational management and team building skills
  • Demonstrates problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent planning , organising, analytical and negotiating skills
  • Demonstrates excellent judgement and decision making
  • Demonstrates effective leadership
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • An appreciation of the efficacy of applying information technology to the operations of the organisation to optimize efficiency and performance
  • Ability to inspire, influence and motivate people to perform at high levels.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, simultaneously.
  • Competence in the use of computer applications
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • A Bachelors Degree in Management Studies, Public Sector Management and Administration, Development Studies, Social Services or equivalent.
  • Ten (10) years experience in a managerial capacity.
  • Training in Social Work, Guidance Counselling or Psychology would be an asset.

Special Conditions Associated with the Job

  • Required to work outside of normal working hours, weekends and public holidays.

Applications accompanied by curriculum vitae should be submitted no later than April 9, 2021 to:

Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
14 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Applications can also be e-mailed to:
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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